unouomedude - As Told by Ginger (Theme Song Cover)

Before I get into this, I added some temporary cover art and an MP3 download to all of the theme song covers. You can download them all here. Glad a lot of you have been enjoying these!

This is theme song cover #3. I don’t know if I’ll have one up next week. I have a bunch of stuff to work on, but I may be able to do one. Again, I learned this by ear and recorded it in less than an hour. Before, I was only using my Shure SM57 (dynamic microphone) to record vocals. For this track, I decided to use my condenser mic (that I normally use) since there is a wider rage of ‘vocal volumes’ in this song which the condenser mic picked up better. That was something I never really thought about before. I think that’s all I really learned from this one. I already know that I can’t touch Macy Gray’s vocals. Over all, I see improvement as I make these.

(Right-click or Option-click, and select “Save Link/Target as MP3”)

I am obsessed with these covers and all of you should listen to them.

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    i always wished i could have played the real bassline when i recorded this but i used to do these in an hour or less and...
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    This project is mega, y’all. Check out all of his covers! They’re pretty friggin’ sweet!
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